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So I will try and book you in to the end of my clinic so that I have longer to spend as cosmetics consultations take longer. If you tell me secretarial team that you are seeing me for a cosmetic reason, they will ensure you are given a later slot, ideally. At our initial meeting I listen to your wishes and needs. I won’t lie, it can be an emotional appointment as I know it takes a LOT to come and ask for what you want and tell a stranger what you feel is wrong.

I will take a full breast health history, (after all I am a breast health specialist!), as well as finding out about your family history of breast cancer and full medical history. I will then examine you, check your breasts for lumps and assess you in terms of what you are asking for. . we then have a chat about what you want versus what I think is achievable surgically. I will talk to you about the risks of surgery and the things that might have an impact on the timing of your request. At the first visit in terms of practical arrangements, we talk about driving restrictions, what help you might need at home and time off work. Also the realistic timing of surgery in relation to holidays, long haul flights and family events.

I explain how we conduct the surgery that you are asking for and will give you written information to take away. In addition to this you will receive a personalised letter from me a couple of days after our consultation for you to reflect on our consultation.

as you leave I give you my personal contact details in case any questions pop into your head and usually plan to see you again after you have had a chance to digest all that we have discussed. Many of you will ask me to start looking for a surgery date at that point so I can get on with that before we next meet.

I dont charge you for any more visits after the first as I think it is crucial that we get to know eachother, and sometimes this takes more than two visits. I encourage you to bring someone to your second visit for moral support or just as a second pair of ears. throughout you consultation you are supported by my breast care nurse who is also your chaperone, and will also do your height and weight.

So I am coming to see Miss Dua for a cosmetics appointment- what will happen? - Sascha Dua Breast Surgeon