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Specialist Breast Surgeon

I am a specialist breast surgeon trained in all things breast, whether it’s cancer surgery, assessing worried women in my one stop clinic or explaining away common complaints like breast pain, cysts, or hormone changes. I’m also lucky enough to have lots of aesthetic breast experience so either use this skillset in my cancer surgery or as standalone cosmetics. In cosmetics,  I specialise in breast reductions and lifts and the expanding field of explantation plus or minus further corrective work..

I’m a pure breast surgeon

I’ve spent the last 14 years as a specialist oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgeon, which means I have one body area to focus on.

First and Foremost I am a Cancer Surgeon

My background is as a breast cancer specialist so anyone coming to see me should know that this is what I do most of the time. The advantages to this are that I have no other commitments, no colorectal or other body parts to look after, no other complex patients to distract me. I work in a fantastic breast unit in Chelmsford, with a wonderful team of doctors and nurses, and I run the Brentwood Breast Clinic between two hospitals in Brentwood, a few miles from Chelmsford. Although cancer work sounds terrifying, the vast majority of the patients I see are ladies with benign problems like cysts or pain. I spend a LOT of time giving reassurance!

Breast Cosmetics

I spend a lot of my time educating women how to examine themselves and every patient leaves with direct access to me, as we know how difficult it was to seek medical advice – especially during the pandemic. Over time and probably as a result of my reconstructive training, I developed an interest and aptitude for breast reductions and uplifts. I also enjoy the challenge of breast asymmetry cases and implant exchanges where complex planning and technical skill are required. For this reason, I no longer do primary breast augmentation but can recommend other surgeons if you need advising.

Explantation work – The Tide is Turning

More and more people are hearing that I no longer do primary breast augmentation and I have had an increasing number of requests for explant surgery. Whether a woman is just tired of repetitive implant changes or simply wants a more natural aesthetic, or maybe – more seriously she has Breast Implant Associated Illness symptoms, the tide is turning towards implant removal, or explantation. Now I conduct explant surgery with an en-bloc capsulectomy, but it usually will leave a woman looking a little “deflated” unless you perform an uplift procedure of some sort. Now some women will want you to use every ounce of their own tissue to replace their fallen breast back up on their chests, and to do this I use something I was taught on fellowship in Milan, an auto-augmentation, using your own breast tissue to recreate the implant fullness that is being removed. Again, please see examples in the gallery. Some women will need their implants removed and in addition wish to be smaller still, so I use the explant, en-bloc and breast reduction combination. You see, one technique does not suit everyone which is where my experience of all these requests comes in handy.

Basically, if it’s most things breast related, unless it’s simply popping in a set of implants, I can help you.

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Surgery for me is a calling.

As many of you know I am an artist too in my spare time, I am so lucky that I can use this skill in every aspect of my oncoplastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


My philosophy is to really listen to a woman.

I pride myself on being her advocate through her journey: whether that is a cancer journey or a cosmetics journey. I am lucky enough to be supported by a team who are the absolute best in their respective fields.


I’m not afraid to say “No” to a patient.

If I am being asked for something I deem to be unsafe, unethical, or simply too risky I am quite happy to have a full and frank conversation with a patient and tell her my opinions. After all that is why you are coming to see me!


The greatest satisfaction.

From a cosmetics point of view, it's making a woman feel like she can live her best life. To see an unhappy lady arrive at my clinic for the first time, then see her , after surgery, looking happy and confident, wearing form fitting clothes, going to the gym and even contemplating wear a bikini again makes me SO happy. Maybe she even has the social confidence to see friends or date again. Something like a longed-for reduction that has impacted on her life for so long, can have a detrimental effect on a woman’s self-esteem. It is an honour that I have the skills to address these problems.

Very considerate and approachable throughout the process, especially during the examination and with the excision scar placement. Miss Dua was transparent about the surgical procedure I underwent and guaranteed I was at ease with the process from start to finish. It was lovely to have a surgeon who considered the cosmetic impacts of a non-cosmetic procedure.

Written by a private patient at Spire Hartswood HospitalMiss Dua has changed my life.

Miss Dua was the most patient, understanding and caring doctor I have ever met. She instantly put me at ease by listening to me and explaining everything to me carefully. I felt I was in such safe hands whatever the results of my scans were going to be. I can’t recommend this lady enough to anyone who is having breast issues and needs answers. Thank you for looking after me so well, it is meant so much to me.

Written by a private patient at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital

Amazing consultant and one of a kind! I saw her for my Breast Cancer diagnosis. So incredibly approachable and easy to talk to. Doesn't rush you. Very caring, easy to contact and keeps in touch between appointments if you have further questions etc.

Written by a private patient at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital