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Great Question! and one that is often asked by younger women in particular. First it is NOT common.  As women, hormonal activity starts mainly from puberty and carries on until after the menopause. Things like normal or “physiological” changes; puberty, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations. Then there are the stimuli of weight gain, the pill, HRT and even genetics. I suppose what we are saying is that there is no guarantee that breast tissue will not grow back. BUT we do a careful assessment, especially of the younger patients that visit and ask when their breasts developed? are they still growing? is the young lady still growing in height? even when did her mum’s breasts “come in”. I like to do my detective work so that I can give you a careful answer as to whether they are likely to carry on growing or not. Despite this, hormonal fluctuations can change breast shape but the most common reason for breasts growing again after reduction surgery is weight gain. 

I can conduct breast reduction at any age so long as I feel your pubertal development is complete. and in most cases breast size mirrors overall body size as you get older.  

The best way to keep your smaller breasts at their new size is to take care of yourself, follow my instructions, (I have careful aftercare). but after any cosmetic surgery, breast support is key. If you go on to wear no support (as you may want to do with your new perky breasts, they will drop again. Guaranteed. So you may need to go on a shopping trip after surgery! but not until I let you stop wearing your surgical bra!!