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Breast Reduction

Heavy breasts can cause absolute misery. I often hear descriptions from affected patients about back ache, neck pain, deeply- entrenched strap marks from where the bra simply cannot cope with the abnormally heavy weight and cuts into the skin of the shoulders. Sufferers are usually also affected psychologically, embarrassed about their proportions, they may have been bullied as they developed, or found it hard to undress in front of new partners. Women often come in wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to disguise their heavy breasts.

Breast reduction, or using its other name, reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical technique used to minimise the discomfort and embarrassment caused by very heavy breasts. This operation is extremely rewarding and effective remedy often resulting in an immediate improvement in symptoms.
Despite having to follow my post-operative instructions, patients feel instantly lighter, with less neckache and shoulder pain. Even as soon as the first few days post operatively. I love to see my breast reduction patients walking a little taller, wearing more fitted tops, and noticing their waists for the first time in years – or indeed – ever!

Before & After Photos
Breast Reduction - Sascha Dua Breast Surgeon

A breast reduction isn’t just about reducing the size of the breasts but lifting and shaping the breasts into a more upright and youthful position on the chest, I describe it as “creating a new bra”. This new lighter more uplifted profile can be life-changing to say the least. I’ve seen ladies changing their whole lives after Breast reduction surgery, exercising comfortably, wearing spaghetti straps or strapless dresses to parties that they had only ever dreamed of. Simply feeling better about themselves and living their best lives. It will come as no surprise to you that breast reduction and breast lift surgery gives me the greatest satisfaction of all cosmetic procedures I offer.