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This beautiful woman was diagnosed with a breast cancer in her cleavage one June, had surgery om the July. radiotherapy in September and these pictures were taken 5 days after her radiotherapy finished!! What a legend! This all happened a few years ago now and we met recently and revisited the mad heist we pulled off!! So because the tumour was in her cleavage, I did a therapeutic mammoplasty, a modified breast reduction designed to safely but beautifully remove a large lump or a lump in a very visible place/ There’s a reason that oncoplastics exists. Admittedly not everyone is racing off to their wedding in Dubrovnic but cosmesis after cancer IS IMPORTANT (To many) a whole new raft of cancer surgeons like me trained a different way to our predecessors even twenty years ago. So … make sure your surgeon has the afterappearance in mind. I get that at a new diagnosis the only thing on your mind is oncology. Survival. But once the oncology treatments are over and you’re offered a lumpectomy… we need to make sure that we build something that’s maybe the same or even better than what was there before. Passionate about this. Can you tell? ????